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Aurovue EV Toric

  • Aurovue EV toric corrects Astigmatism and minimize the need of spectacles after cataract surgery.

  • Wide range of toric models to correct astigmatism from 1D to 4D in the corneal plane.

  • Negative spherical aberrated optic (-0.15 µm) to provide good contrast sensitivity in low light conditions.

  • Truedge Technology: 360 degree square edge posterior reduces chances of PCO

  • Markings ensure precise alignment, even with smaller pupil sizes

  • Dual Haptic design for exceptional rotational stability and adaptability to different size of capsular bag

Automated Online Toric Calculator

  • Reducing surgical uncertainty

Aurovue EV Toric_4.JPG
Aurovue EV Toric_5.JPG
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