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Ergoject Injectors
State of the art

ERGOJECT is a single-use screw injector made for single-handed operation. Its precise force-reducing micro gear combines the best from two worlds: Control of a screw injector and one-handed operation of a push injector. Cartridges and loading systems are similar to the ones used in the Accuject system. Available hydrophilic preloaded systems based on Accuject can be used directly with compatible ERGOJECT models.

ERGOJECT Injectors_1.png

Need a free hand?

ERGOJECT is – similar to Accuject– a platform for preloaded hydrophobic and hydrophilic preloaded systems offered to IOL Manufacturers. Benefit from long-term experience!

ERGOJECT Injectors_2.png

Back-loaded or top-loaded?

Besides top-loaded versions, ERGOJECT is also available as back-loaded version for loading of hydrophobic or hydrophilic IOLs.

ERGOJECT Injectors_3.jpg
ERGOJECT Injectors_4.jpg

Incision size correlation

ERGOJECT Injectors_5.png
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